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Thank you to the Rowe and Massachusetts Cultural Councils for supporting many of our programs.
Winter is a great time of the year to read some of the fine publications produced by the Rowe Historical Society.
Looking Ahead
There are two big exhibits "in the works" for the coming season at the Kemp-McCarthy Museum.

One exhibit is devoted to Rowe's original town doctor, Pardon Haynes. The museum recently acquired a very impressive collection of treasures once owned by Dr. Haynes, and they will be featured at the museum next summer.

The other display focuses on Rowe's important and interesting history of generating electric power. Rowe Yankee is legendary as a pioneering atomic energy plant, and "Bear Swamp" is a massive pumped storage facility. An exhibit incorporating the history and importance of these sites is in the planning stages as well.

We look forward the the publication later in the year of The Bulletin, website vignettes on Valentine's Day (the preview below shows a favorite photo, Jack and Nan Williams on their wedding day), and beautiful spring flowers (the first daffodils from last April are shown in the column on the top, left).

Jack and Nan Williams on their wedding day

Over 20,0000 rail fans attended the show, the biggest rail event in North America. It provided the RHS trustees with an unparalleled opportunity to promote our museum and highlight our Hoosac Tunnel collection.

Rowe's "railroad connection" is very important to our museum. More visitors attended Rail-Fan III than attended all other 2015 RHS events combined.

Below are some of the materials we displayed at the Amherst Railroad Society show. We distribute flyers, answer questions, provide directions, and encourage people to come to Rowe and support our programs.


(We are closed for the season. Please visit us when we re-open in July.)
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*Some of our favorite posters


 The Rowe Historical Society owns and operates the Kemp-McCarthy Museum located at 282 Zoar Road in Rowe, Massachusetts. It opened on June 30, 1963.


The museum has an extensive collection of local artifacts and antiques. Highlights of the collection include antique quilts, 19th century dolls, period costumes, china and glassware, sleighs, furniture, photographs, cookware, tools, farm implements, and an original 19th century hearse. Exhibits are updated regularly.


The Kemp-McCarthy Museum also has many valuable photos of townspeople and local sites, as well as literature from the Davis Mine and the Yankee Atomic Electric Company.


The Rowe Historical Society publishes The Bulletin, dedicated to the preservation of local history by highlighting "bits of history, old letters, pictures, news clippings and anything of interest to the history of Rowe."

Many books are published by the Rowe Historical Society, including The History of Rowe, Massachusetts by Percy Whiting Brown and Nancy Newton Williams.


The Kemp-McCarthy Museum is open to the public every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. from July through mid-October, and at other times by appointment. Concerts, holiday celebrations, literary programs, and other cultural activities are held at the museum throughout the year.


Our website also provides useful information on membership in the Rowe Historical Society and directions to the Kemp-McCarthy Museum.



Here is a photo essay highlighting some of our past programs

Last Night's Fun, Celtic

Katherine First, Celtic

Bill Knittle, Country, Rock

Northampton Flutes, Classical

John Root, Traditional American

Dennis Ainsworth, Classical on antique piano

John Marin

Thomas Enneking

(with Antique Cars)
Joan DeGusto, Costume Historian

Lynda Meyer, Costume Historian

John Magnago, Norm Cousineau and Jim McKee

Professor John Anderson as
Robert Frost and
Washington Irving

Joe Manning and the Lewis Hines Project

Hoosac Tunnel experts Tim Lawrence, Jerry Kelley, Carl Byron
 and Chuck Cahoon

Cliff Schexnayder, Hoosac Tunnel author

History of Rowe's Fort Pelham with Michael Coe and
 RHS Historian Nan Williams

Robert Osterhout, University of Pennsylvania professor and prolific author about Rowe archaeologist John Henry Haynes

Tom and Nan, preserving our antique clocks

Bonnie Nugent, handwriting analyst
Photo Essay Continues Below

The end of the year is a time to reflect on the past. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite posters from several of our many successful programs.

A special thanks to the Massachusetts and Rowe Cultural Councils for helping us fund many of our programs, and to you for supporting our efforts over the years!

Posters 1 and 9 above, courtesy of Leon Peters. Remaining posters by website editor.


Remembering Rail-Fan III   -   October 4, 2015

The Weather -  Perfect!

The Audience - Standing room only and very enthusiastic!

The Speakers - Talented, knowledgeable, inspired!

The Exhibits - New, interesting and very well done!

The Exhibitors - Enthusiastic, approachable, knowledgeable!

The Food - Hot, fresh and delicious!

Rail-Fan III In a word - Perfect!

Thank you to everyone who made it a day to remember!

Thank you to our "standing room only" audience at Rail-Fan III. We scheduled repeat performances to accommodate everyone.