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"The first large-scale atomic plant every subjected to international inspection"
New York Times Front Page ("above the fold")
Published on March 6, 1964
U.S. Will Permit World Inspection of Large Reactor
Geneva, March 5 - The United States announced today that it was opening one of the largest American nuclear reactors to international inspection. It urged the Soviet Union to follow suit. The reactor, which is privately owned and is used to produce electric power, is in Rowe, MA.

New York Times
March 27, 1964
Atom Inspection in U.S. Is Lauded
In an attempt to set an example for all nations, the United States last month placed the Yankee plant at Rowe, Mass., under agency safeguards. Dr. Edklund (Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency) said the United States action would be of "utmost importance" in giving the agency experience in inspecting large atomic power plants. He expressed hope that other nations with nuclear power plants would follow the United States example.
New York Times
November 17, 1964
International Team Visits Massachusetts Atom Plant
A four-man team from the International Atomic Energy Agency inspected the nuclear power plant of the Yankee Atomic Electric Company today. The company said the inspection visit was an outcome of an agreement made by the United States last month to encourage safeguards to insure nuclear materials, facilities and technology intended for peaceful uses were not diverted to military uses.
New York Times
April 4, 1965
Atom Plant Gets Surprise Checks
The International Atomic Energy Agency has taken an important step toward establishing international controls over atomic energy by conducting surprise inspections of the Yankee Atomic Electric Company's power plant in Rowe, Mass.

The 175,000-kilowatt Yankee reactor-one of the largest nuclear power plants in operation in the United States-is the first large-scale atomic plant every subjected to international inspection. As an incentive to other nations to accept international controls, the United States voluntarily placed the plant under agency inspection last year.

Photo above: U.N Ambassadors Visit Yankee Rowe
Photo below: 1958 Rowe Old Home Day program

"The Railroad Through Shelburne Falls"

Thursday, August 11
7:30 p.m.
Colrain Historical Society
Stacy Barn behind the Pitt House at 8 Main Road in Colrain
Presented by
Carl Byron
(Photo below)
Boston & Maine Railroad
Historical Society

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Photo below: Jerry Kelly

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The Rowe Historical Society owns and operates the Kemp-McCarthy Museum located at 282 Zoar Road in Rowe, Massachusetts. It opened on June 30, 1963.


The museum has an extensive collection of local artifacts and antiques. Highlights of the collection include antique quilts, 19th century dolls, period costumes, china and glassware, sleighs, furniture, photographs, cookware, tools, farm implements, and an original 19th century hearse. Exhibits are updated regularly.


The Kemp-McCarthy Museum also has many valuable photos of townspeople and local sites, as well as literature from the Davis Mine and the Yankee Atomic Electric Company.


The Rowe Historical Society publishes The Bulletin, dedicated to the preservation of local history by highlighting "bits of history, old letters, pictures, news clippings and anything of interest to the history of Rowe."

Many books are published by the Rowe Historical Society, including The History of Rowe, Massachusetts by Percy Whiting Brown and Nancy Newton Williams. Please scroll to the bottom of this column for more information on our publications.


Our website also provides useful information on membership in the Rowe Historical Society and directions to the Kemp-McCarthy Museum.

Above: Construction of the bioshield/reactor support structure and the steel vapor containment building.
Below: Installing the reactor vessel.
Source: The History of Rowe Massachusetts by Percy Whiting Brown & Nancy Newton Williams

Our exhibit features rare photos, like these images showing "Yankee Pioneers" Norman St. Laurent (left) and Karl Jurentkuff; and David Joyce (below) in the Yankee control room.

Amid Rowe Hills: An Historical Sketch Compiled from Various Sources was written by Martha Smith and published in the spring of 1904. She lived in the house across from the Gracy House in the village. The history booklet was a project of the Unitarian Alliance of Rowe Unitarian Church.

The booklet will be on display this season at the Kemp-McCarthy Museum.

Thanks to RHS Historian Nan Williams for this interesting information.

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