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Recipes from Rowe Kitchens

Whether it is a reception at the Kemp-McCarthy Museum, an event at the Rowe Senior Center or a program at the Rowe School, the food prepared and donated by Rowe's cooks is truly delicious. From appetizers to desserts, Rowe's cooks are truly talented!

In the 1970s, the Rowe Historical Society published Favorite Recipes, with contributions from a number of townspeople, including Helen McCarthy and Rae Kemp, benefactors of the Kemp-McCarthy Museum.

In 1985, the "Rowe Bi-Centennial Cookbook Committee" compiled recipes from townspeople in Rowe Kitchens 1785 -1985. Although the book is out of print, some of the recipes are included in this new section of the website.

Please scroll down to see this interesting collection of contributions from some of Rowe's cooks.

Bon appetit!


Above: Rowe Historical Society Trustee Kathy May with a "typical" event buffet. Kathy is renowned as one of Rowe's very best cooks!
This section will be updated regularly with more Rowe recipes